WEBINAR: Optimizing Uptime for KF and Spectroscopy Moisture Analysis

Whether you are making routine quality checks or performing highly regulated method validation, consistent instrument operation is required. Even with the best analytical technique, delays in manufacturing or product sales may occur when your KF titrator is not performing properly. Supporting daily operation of a KF titrator isn’t hard but, it’s not always intuitive either. Once you’ve optimized your KF analyzer, leveraging spectroscopic techniques can help further reduce daily maintenance tasks while increasing sample throughput.

WEBINAR: Sample Preparation for Increased Accuracy in Karl Fischer Titration

Watch this webinar to hear technical expert, Kerri-Ann Blake, explain how different sample preparation techniques work and are used to improve Karl Fischer titration accuracy. Applications scientist, Kyle Hollister, will then describe how to combine this data with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to get accurate moisture without the time required for sample preparation or the need for expensive reagents. Both experts present several case studies demonstrating optimized moisture analysis on samples from the pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industries.